Even NBC’s normally sympathetic David Gregory can’t believe what he’s hearing from Dingy.

Via HAP:

REID: One of the thing that always troubles me, when we start talking about the debt, the first thing people do is run to social security. Social Security is a program that works and it’s going to be, it’s fully funded for the next 40 years, stop picking on social security. there are a lot of places…

GREGORY: “Senator, you’re really saying the arithmetic on social security works?”

REID: “I’m saying that the arithmetic on Social Security works. I have no doubt it does.

GERGORY: “It’s not in crisis?

REID: “No, this is something that’s perpetuated by people who don’t like government. Social security is fine, are there things we can do to improve social security? Of course, I’m not going to go to backdoor methods to whack social security. I’m not going to do that, we have a lot of things we can do with this debt. But one places I’m not going to be part of picking on is Social Security”