The height of irresponsible journalism (and I use the word “journalism” very lightly).

(Politico)– Rep. Gabrielle Giffords drew the wrath of conservatives last June after questioning a top U.S. official over how green the country’s military operations are in Afghanistan, with clips of the exchange prompting some of the heated rhetoric that local police officials say is to blame for the lone gunman who shot her and 19 others in Tucson on Saturday.

Glenn Beck, conservative columnists and one of Giffords’ Republican primary opponents piled on after the Arizona Democrat asked Gen. David Petraeus to explain whether he had any plans to use solar panels and hydropower to increase fuel efficiency in an otherwise dangerous battle zone.

Clips of the Giffords-Petraeus exchange during a House Armed Services Committee hearing quickly went viral during the summer, as critics questioned Giffords for bringing up the issue in the first place.

At the hearing, Giffords premised her question by highlighting the public’s attention to conservation issues following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, as well as the Defense Department’s status as the largest domestic user of energy. She also cited U.S. fuel supply lines that have been under threat in Afghanistan.