I’m not 100% freaking out yet (more like 81%), we’ve seen things like this in the past and they never panned out. However, the Chinese have so much money it’s mind boggling (unlike the USSR) so if they wanted to create a serious challenger to the F-22 I have no doubt they could.

(Fox News) — While the Pentagon downplays China’s rollout this week of what appears to be a jet fighter designed using sophisticated stealth technology, military experts are warning that the aircraft — reportedly capable of besting America’s F-22 in speed and maneuverability — could pose the greatest threat yet to U.S. air superiority.

Decorated Navy fighter pilot Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, a Top Gun graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School who flew 44 combat missions over Iraq, says, “It’s probably leaps and bounds above where we are, and that’s terrifying.”

“As a former Navy fighter pilot, going up against something that’s stealthy, highly maneuverable and with electronic systems more capable than mine — that’ll keep me up at night,” said Buckley, now chief strategy officer at Fox3 Options LLC.

Buckley said photos posted online of the radar-evading Chengdu J-20 jet fighter lead him to believe the aircraft has great stealth capabilities, based on what appears to be a bumpy exterior possibly housing stealth technology, and the lack of external components, such as a gas tank and missiles.

“It was built to reduce radar signatures. You can tell it has some serious stealth technology,” he said. “My F-18 looks like an 18-wheeler on radar. That thing might not even show up.”

The U.S. military’s current top-of-the-line fighter is Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor, the world’s only operational fifth generation fighter. In 2009, Congress capped production of F-22s at 18, relying on the cheaper F-35. Congress does not appear to be reconsidering the cap, which experts call the only real challenger to China’s J-20.