But whatever you do, don’t call it a “Global War on Terror” or some lefty is going to freak out.

(LWJ)The suicide bomber who attempted to kill people in a failed attack in Stockholm trained in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul along with an Egyptian, according to Iraqi officials.

Taimour Abdulwahab, who killed only himself as his suicide vest detonated prematurely on the streets of Stockholm on Dec. 11, 2010, “trained in Mosul for three months,” according to General Dhai Kanani, the chief of Iraq’s counterterrorism unit. A car bomb assembled by Abdulwahab was also found near the site of his death.

Abdulwahab “entered Iraq from Turkey,” Kanani told Al Arabiya, at about the same time as an Egyptian who is thought to have trained for a similar attack.

“An Egyptian national entered Iraq at the same time and received similar training to probably carry out another mission,” Kanani said.

In an email sent to Swedish authorities just minutes before the failed attack, Abdulwahab had admitted to traveling to the Middle East to conduct training.

“I never went to the Middle East to work or earn money,” his email stated. “I went there for Jihad.”

Mosul is one of al Qaeda in Iraq’s remaining strongholds in the country. Al Qaeda in Iraq has maintained a robust network in and around the city despite multiple US and Iraqi offensives in northern Iraq. The city’s close proximity to Syria, which serves as a safe haven for al Qaeda in Iraq, is a major factor in the terror group’s resiliency in the Iraqi north.

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