Via JNS:

…It was understandable that he emerged from Harris’s recent trip to Eastern Europe with some Jewish anecdotes along with his comments seeking to bolster the administration’s stand on the war in Ukraine. Speaking to Symone Sanders, a former staffer for Harris and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), on her MSNBC program, Emhoff recounted meeting a Holocaust survivor who had been forced to flee Ukraine because of the Russian invasion. Emhoff decided to use that women’s plight to denounce all sorts of hatred.

Emhoff is hardly alone when it comes to attempts to universalize the Holocaust. Russian aggression is terrible but as bad as it is, it’s in no way analogous to the Nazi campaign to exterminate the Jewish people.

Yet Emhoff didn’t stop there. Warming to his topic, he went on to claim that the hate that slaughtered Jews is somehow connected to just the Russian invasion but also to political debates in the United States.

“Hate is interconnected,” said Emhoff. “You see it in the discourse in the country right now. You see it in the divide that we have. Just going to school meetings, you see that hate that is out there.”

That was an obvious reference to the heated arguments that have been going on in school-board meetings around the country in the last couple of years as angry parents have been calling those responsible for local education to account for the way toxic ideas like critical race theory and gender ideology have been seeping into classrooms and curricula.

It was bad enough that Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to school-board critics by treating them as if they were domestic terrorists. Now Emhoff is piling on by claiming that having the temerity to talk back to woke bureaucrats is linked to the invasion of Ukraine and the Holocaust.