Via Daily Caller:

A principal at a Michigan high school recently addressed concerns from parents after a Palestinian activist spoke to a group of sophomores about the Israel-Palestine conflict, according to an email obtained by StopAntisemitism (SA).

Bloomfield Hills High School (BHHS) hosted an event on March 14 with Huwaida Arraf, a Palestinian activist and human rights lawyer who has a history of making anti-Israel comments, for a group of 10th-grade students, according to an email from BHHS’ Principal Lawrence Stroughter. After the event, during which Arraf talked about the Israel-Palestine conflict, parents expressed concerns about Arraf’s portrayal of the situation, prompting Stroughter to address it in an email.

“At the diversity event for the 10th-graders, one of the speakers deviated from the prompts,” Stroughter wrote in an email obtained by SA, “Without prior knowledge of the organizers, the speaker discussed the conflict in Gaza from their own personal political perspective and experience. This discussion was outside of the perimeters of the assembly and was addressed by the high school administration immediately after the speaker left.”