Via Daily Wire:

After a 13-year-old Palestinian boy hiding behind parked cars allegedly opened fire on Jews in Jerusalem, shooting a father and son in their upper bodies before he himself was shot and wounded in return gunfire, the Reuters News agency wrote a sympathetic story about the boy, lamenting that he had dreams of “being a chef.”

Reuters has gained a reputation for its anti-Israel reporting, not unlike other major news outlets such as The New York Times. In November, despite clear historical evidence that the Biblical Temples stood on the Temple Mount, Reuters initially reported of the Temple Mount, the holiest place in Judaism, “The site, said to have once housed two ancient Jewish temples . . . ” Last month Reuters identified the ship Mavi Marmara, which had tried to circumvent Israel’s legal blockade of Gaza, as an “aid ship.” “The Mavi Marmara’s passengers were armed with weapons — which they turned against IDF soldiers — not aid,” CAMERA noted.

In the face of the surveillance video that allegedly showed Muhammad Aleiwat, 13, shooting at the Jews, Reuters titled their article “Palestinian Teenager Dreamt of Being A Chef Before Attack, Teachers Say.”