Via Newsbusters:

Late Saturday night, Atlanta, Georgia was beset by the latest riot by Antifa and far-left thugs as they set a police car on fire, shot explosives at a police building, and caused property destruction. All told, six have been arrested so far and charged with domestic terrorism. And despite nearly four minutes of coverage on Sunday’s Face the Nation, CBS’s flagship morning and evening shows refused to give it a news brief or full report.

Monday’s CBS Mornings had seven seconds in their Eye Opener (which NewsBusters generally doesn’t count) and 51 seconds on their overnight show CBS Morning News from host Anne-Marie Green that airs in the 4:00 a.m. Eastern hour in the Washington D.C. market.

“Well, six people were arrested after a protest in downtown Atlanta turned violent. Demonstrators threw rocks, vandalized buildings, and lit a police car on fire Saturday. The protests followed the killing of an environmental activist during another protest last week,” Green said.

In contrast, ABC was on the case with a thorough three minutes and 32 seconds

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