Because only white people can be bullies.

Via Newsbusters:

Tim Burton, creator of the Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands movies, recently launched a Netflix series called Wednesday, a take on the Addams Family character. Said series is now under scrutiny by leftist social justice warriors who are pissed off that Burton cast black actors as the bullies.

The show is essentially the story of how Wednesday Addams, the female child from The Addams family, is placed in a boarding school for students who have unique abilities. Some turn into mermaids, others turn into werewolves, and Addams has visions and is followed by a walking hand, “It.”

In the series Joy Sunday, a black actress, plays the antagonist at Addams school and actor Iman Marson, plays a bully from the main town as well as the son of the corrupt, also black, mayor.

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