Guy is already a Democrat. Might as well run as one.

Via The Daily Record:

Comments that Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan may mount a presidential campaign as an independent are being called speculative.
Hogan, who is in the final months of his second and last term as governor, is thought to be mulling a White House bid. Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford fueled talk that his running mate might leave the party for that campaign.

“We may be getting to a point where, I’m not saying a third party but independent candidates may have to run because the Republican party is at least for a lot of members of the party, voters in the party are just angry and pushing to, what I consider an extreme and we know the Democrat side, they’re being taken over by the far left agenda,” Rutherford told Bryan Nehman and former Sen. Clarence Mitchell IV on WBAL radio Wednesday morning. “I really think the country is much more in the middle. I think it’s center-right sometimes, center-left sometimes but not on the extremes that we’re seeing. Maybe there’s room for independent candidates.”

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