Via NY Post:

Americans of all political persuasions are frustrated with the state of the nation, with 85% saying that the country is heading in the wrong direction — including nearly eight in 10 Democrats, according to a new poll.

The deep dissatisfaction is reflected in both parties, with 92% of Republicans saying the economy is performing poorly — and 78% of Democrats saying the same, an increase of 35 percentage points since March, according to an Associated Press/NORC survey released on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, as the nation prepares to vote in midterm elections that will determine which party controls Congress, President Biden’s job approval rating continues to tank.

Overall, 60% of Americans disapprove of the job Biden is doing in the White House, including 73% of independents.

More than a quarter of Democrats (27%) disapprove of Biden, while fewer than three-quarters (72%) approve of him.

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