Via Daily Wire:

On May 12, 2017, Tom DiSario was leaving a Bible study when he heard a report of “shots fired” on the radio and instantly knew that his son, Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario, had been murdered.

On that day, 43-year-old Thomas Hartless went to the Pine Kirk Care Center in Kirkersville, Ohio, where he took several hostages, including nurse Marlina Medrano, whom he had a relationship with, and nurse aide Cindy Krantz. He allegedly had two other hostages who were able to run when Hartless shot DiSario, the Newark Advocate reported at the time. […]

Ever since that day, DiSario has flown a police flag in his yard to honor his son.

“To me, that represents my son,” he told WBNS.

For just over five years, the flag has been flown without incident, but suddenly, just a day after the five-year anniversary of his son’s death, DiSario received a notice on behalf of his neighborhood’s Homeowner’s Association (HOA) that he needed to remove the flag.