You know, for children!

Via USA Today:

LAS VEGAS – “Lightyear” is taking queer representation to infinity and beyond.

On Wednesday, CinemaCon attendees got a sneak peek at the first 30 minutes of Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story” spinoff (in theaters June 17), which centers on cocky yet caring space ranger Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Chris Evans, taking over for Tim Allen from the first four “Toy Story” movies).

A title card at the start of the film tells us that in 1995, little boy Andy got a toy Buzz: “It was from his favorite movie. This is that movie.”

But in the first footage shown to movie theater owners at CinemaCon, it was a new lesbian character named Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) that stole the show.

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