Via DailyMail:

A cavalcade of more than 1,000 large trucks, recreational vehicles and cars clogged a major highway surrounding Washington D.C. on Sunday for five miles in an effort to protest ‘unconstitutional’ coronavirus restrictions, such as mask and vaccine mandates.

The self-styled People’s Convoy, estimated to span 30 miles, left traffic in a standstill along the 64-mile Beltway for five miles Sunday after it departed from the Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland.

Convoy organizer Brian Brase instructed the group to ‘hold the line’ before they embarked on their journey.

‘I beg of you to stay with the convoy. I beg of you to stay with the convoy and then come back down here, meet again and talk about our next plan,’ he cautioned.

A group of semi-tractors led the convoy, followed by trucks with trailers, campers and then cars. According to reporters trailing the group, traffic crawled for a while, hit a jam and then reached a ‘comfortable speed’ of travel.

The People’s Convoy plans to make two complete loops around the Beltway, which they estimated would take four to five hours. However, given the impacts on traffic the route could take longer.

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