Via PMW:

A recent broadcast on official PA TV brought back memories of video libels the PA aired during the PA terror campaign – the second Intifada – from 2000-2005. Then the PA was actively promoting terror, and depicting Israelis as cruel murderers was part of their incitement program.

Recently official PA TV broadcast a scene from the film “Checkpoint” by Palestinian director Omar Rammal, which PA TV described as being about “the suffering of the Palestinians due to the occupation’s checkpoints.” The excerpt shown demonizes Israeli soldiers as heartless killers who murder for no reason. A Palestinian family wants to go through an Israeli checkpoint to “take the kids to the amusement park,” but the Israeli commander tells them the road is closed. While they talk, another soldier is seen aiming his rifle at two children with their backs turned. Gun shots are heard, and the next scene shows one child shot and lying on the ground – murdered in cold blood.

That’s the video libel. That’s fiction that has never happened. What’s worse is the fact that the host of official PA TV endorses it as fact, saying “it reflects the reality of the Palestinians’ lives”

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