Via The Star News:

A TikTok influencer who frequently posts anti-white screeds and LGBT content on social media is a middle school teacher at a New Jersey charter school, The Star News Network can reveal.

Nairobi Colon teaches at KIPP Whittier Middle School in Camden, New Jersey. KIPP, which stands for Knowledge is Power Program, is a nationwide nonprofit network of charter schools, funded in part by private donors.

Colon, who says she is non-binary, often posts LGBT content on her TikTok account (archived here). She goes by Teacher Robi to avoid using the title “Ms.,” and Robi, is short for Nairobi.

The Star reached Colon by email Wednesday, and she confirmed that she is the owner of both the TikTok and Twitter accounts.
KIPP Schools did not return a comment request.

One recent video shows Colon coaching a young student on gender pronouns.

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