Via The Star News Network:

In a Wednesday press conference held via Zoom, the nonprofit Color Us United further exposed the Salvation Army’s wokeness after the latter group came under fire for telling white people to apologize for their racism during this holiday season.
Kenny Xu, President of Color Us United, pushed back against the Salvation Army, after the international charitable organization claimed that Xu’s group was sensationalizing claims of Critical Race Theory (CRT) within its ranks.

In response, Xu accused the group of covering up its CRT practices. He said that the group has mandated “diversity, equality and inclusion” (DEI) training among its employees, based on the framework of “Let’s Talk About Racism,” a CRT book.
He relayed a story from a black employee of the group, who has a white wife and asked for exemption from the mandatory DEI training because he did not believe his wife was an “oppressor.” The black employee, according to Xu, was granted an exemption, but his white wife was not.

Earlier this week, Salvation Army quietly withdrew its guide asking white people to apologize for their racism.
Xu said during the press conference that he wants the Salvation Army to abolish its CRT curriculum completely, apologize for ever promoting it, and unequivocally say that America is not a racist country.

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