Via Mediaite:

Despite being forced to mute most of their ALCS postgame show Monday night because of impassioned and unruly Red Sox fans, Fox kept their studio crew outside of Fenway Park Tuesday night.

The crowd was back at it with profane chants, but this time, Fox was less heavy-handed with the mute button. After attempting to block out as many “F*CK YOU A-ROD” and “F*CK ALTUVE” chants as they could on Monday, Fox allowed shouts of “F*CK Joe Biden” to enter the broadcast 24-hours later.

At one point during the broadcast, the at-home audience was able to hear four consecutive profane anti-Biden chants without disruption from the mute button. As for A-Rod, he still had to deal with chants of “Yankees Suck,” and “J-Lo,” to mercilessly mock his heartbreak after getting dumped by Jennifer Lopez.

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