Via News 12:

Stores across the Hudson Valley are warning customers of possible price hikes due to global shortages of essential food items.
Businesses that struggled through the pandemic are finding that one crisis is triggering another.

The crunch, combined with an ongoing shortage of shipping supplies and truck drivers, is leading to a major slowdown in delivering goods as well as price hikes. “What we went through last year —and this year, it’s getting worse this year than it was last year,” says Nino Monconsole, owner of Turiello’s Pizzeria.

The Nyack staple for more than four decades is grappling with the effects of the global supply shortage.

Monconsole says he can’t get enough vital goods he needs, such as chicken, vegetables, soybean and oil.

And to make matters worse, the prices he pays for these goods are skyrocketing – he gives the soybean oil as an example. “We went from $18 for five gallons to $46. And chicken wings too – I mean we went from $36 to $45, $55, $65…just for 10 pounds,” says Monconsole.

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