They can’t understand, senators represent states, not the country at large. Sinema is a AZ SENATOR. Arizona doesn’t want this bill.

Via Rolling Stone:

WASHINGTON — Ro Khanna is fed up. The typically mild-mannered congressman from California isn’t trying to hide his frustration with the state of play in Congress over two key pieces of legislation, a trillion-dollar roads-and-bridges infrastructure bill and a far more sweeping $3.5 trillion package that contains most of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

The focus of Khanna’s irritation is a member of his own party, the centrist Senate Democrat Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. It is Sinema whom Khanna and many other Democrats believe is dragging out the negotiations over President Biden’s sweeping domestic policy without any end in sight, and with no clear reason or demands.

“This is the U.S. Congress and she’s not demonstrating the basic competence or good faith of a member of Congress,” Khanna tells me. “I’m just totally perplexed by her. As is every colleague I’ve talked to, moderates, progressives, you name it.”

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