Via NY Post:

This thank you has reverberated through every police precinct in the city.

Queens resident Coretta James has spent the last four years quietly handing out handwritten thank-you notes to New York’s Finest — and she’s on a mission to give one to every member of the NYPD.

“I have tremendous respect for the uniform: military, firemen and cops,” James told The Post. “They are not used to being thanked. And I feel for them. They need encouragement. I used to see guys with 30 or 35 years on the job but no longer,” she said, adding that many are demoralized and retiring earlier.

She called the surge of anti-cop sentiment and the defund-the-police movement that has brought violent demonstrations and destruction to parts of the city “heartbreaking.”

The idea came to James, 49, after she volunteered with the FDNY to send thank-you cards to service members stationed overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the troops started to return home, she decided to turn her pen and gratitude toward the NYPD.

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