Via DailyMail:

Vivek Murthy revealed Sunday that President Joe Biden will announce this week even more steps toward mitigating the coronavirus pandemic as the Surgeon General also defended not requiring vaccinations for air travel.

‘There will be more actions that we continue to work on in the days ahead, and especially on the global front, where we will be taking steps,’ Murthy told CNN’s State of the Union guest host Dana Bash.

‘And the president will be making announcements ahead of the U.N. General Assembly about additional measures that we’re taking to help vaccinate the world,’ the Surgeon General continued.

‘So there’s a lot that’s been done, a lot that we’re doing now, a lot more we will continue to do,’ he said. ‘And this is what we have to do ultimately to tackle the Delta variant.

Murthy did not specify what steps would be announced to further fight the spread.

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