Via NY Post:

Millions of people in China have been sent into lockdown as the country scrambles to contain a COVID-19 outbreak caused by the highly contagious Delta variant.

More than 1.2 million residents in Zhuzhou were ordered to stay home Monday for the next three days as the central city rolls out a testing and vaccination campaign, Agence Frances Presse reported.

“The situation is still grim and complicated,” the city government said in a statement.

The lockdown comes after the city of Zhangjiajie also ordered its 1.5 million residents Friday to stay confined to their homes after an outbreak among theater-goers. It is unclear how long that quarantine will last.

While the country Monday recorded just 55 new cases as the Delta variant, infections from the strain have been spread out in several directions, reaching numerous cities in southern China and a few in the north including Beijing.

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