Via NY Post:

President Biden had a “Rick Perry moment” while making remarks at a Pennsylvania truck factory Wednesday, claiming he had sought the presidency for three reasons — before only naming two.

“When I announced my campaign, and not many people took it seriously, I said I was running for three reasons,” Biden told workers at the Mack Trucks facility in Macungie, outside of Allentown. “One, to restore the soul of this country, a sense of decency and honor. But secondly, to rebuild the backbone of the country: hard-working middle class folks who built this country.

“And I want to point out, unions built the middle class,” the president added, to applause. “That’s not a joke. Unions built the middle class.”

Biden never revealed the third reason he ran for president, instead going on to pander to his audience by claiming that without the support of the United Auto Workers union, “I never would have won” his initial election to the US Senate from Delaware in 1972.