Via Newsbusters:

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello has been trying to appease the woke mob for years, even attending “weekly racial healing classes.” The sessions are apparently not helping because she is now being accused by social justice warriors of having a background dancer in “blackface” because of a bad spray tan. Cabello now has to think of more creative ways to avoid being cancelled.

On July 23, Cabello performed her new hit “Don’t Go Yet” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and had a group of background dancers with her on stage. The singer posted a short clip of the performance on Twitter and one of her dancers triggered the insane lefties who have been trained to see racism in everything.

The comments on her Twitter post exploded with trolls accusing the dancer in a bright purple shirt with a horrible spray tan of being in blackface. One fan wrote, “Camila, I love you, but ok, there’s a mistake in your performance, one of the dancers was practicing blackface and that’s unforgivable, you wanted representation but failed, pay more attention.”

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