Via Free Beacon:

Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser (D.) removed a pro-freedom slogan in front of the Cuban embassy a day after it was painted on the street to protest Cuba’s communist regime, sparking criticism from Cuban Americans.

The painting, which read “Cuba Libre” (“Free Cuba”), was painted by the embassy as part of a demonstration against Cuba’s government and its violent treatment of political protesters. Activists drew inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement, whose slogan decorated the road in front of the White House for months. Comedian Alex Gonzalez of Los Pichy Boys, who has spent 15 years speaking out against the communist regime and streams videos about the crackdown in Cuba to his half-million followers on Instagram, said Bowser is siding with an oppressive regime. […]

The Cuban Embassy is located on the same street where the Department of Public Works painted “Black Lives Matter” in large yellow letters at Bowser’s behest in June 2020. The section of road is now designated as “Black Lives Matter Plaza” and maintained by the city. At the time, Bowser said the plaza, near historic St. John’s Church, which was nearly burned down by rioters last summer, was supposed to honor those who took to the streets following the death of George Floyd. Bowser has yet to acknowledge the pro-freedom Cuban protesters who, Gonzalez says, have had enough of communist rule.

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