If your kid wants to see Space Jam, show them the first one instead with Michael Jordan. This one is utter garbage, even for a kids movie and that’s saying something.

Via Daily Beast:

Last weekend, as “research” for the Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James that’s out Friday in theaters and on HBO Max, I rewatched the original 1996 film for the first time in at least two decades. Though it is important to point out that, in that first year after it came out, I probably watched it at least 15-20 times.

Revisiting objects of nostalgia after so long can be traumatizing. Surely, I thought, the movie was going to be dumb, bordering on unwatchable. Michael Jordan would make me want to pull my arm hairs out one by one to disguise the pain of his acting. Whatever pedestal I had put my toon pals on was about to come crashing violently down in my dumb little apartment, [redacted]-year-old me devastated by fond memories now ruined.

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