Straight-up indoctrination.

Via Newsbusters:

Next stop on the LGBT train: Sesame Street. It’s the latest TV show to join the pursuit of indoctrinating our children. In a new episode called “Family Day” released on June 16 the program decided to panders to the woke mob and celebrate pride month by introducing a gay couple who are attending the party with their daughter. If you think it’s going to stop here, think again.

Sesame Street has been a source of liberal propaganda for several years now. Just a few months ago the franchise added ethnic muppets into an episode that taught kids about the color of their skin. They also released a show at the beginning of the year which featured a cross-dressing actor and a lesson about the LGBTQ letters. The days of Sesame Street providing valuable lessons for children are over, it’s all about brainwashing your kids now.

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