I’m not sure what is funnier. That they did this, or that they don’t understand the problem.

Via WGN:

ATLANTA — IKEA is under fire after one of its stores listed fried chicken and watermelon on a menu for its employees in celebration of Juneteenth, and now the store manager is apologizing.

An Atlanta-based IKEA store sent an email to its employees about the celebration, telling them to watch for “a special menu” that would include fried chicken, watermelon, mac and cheese, potato salad, collard greens and candied yams, according to a picture of the email that was circulated on social media.

An employee who wanted to remain anonymous told WGCL-TV in Atlanta, “You cannot say serving watermelon on Juneteenth is a soul food menu when you don’t even know the history, they used to feed slaves watermelon during the slave time.”

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