Via Accuweather:

As an intense and record-breaking heat wave continues to roast the American West, AccuWeather forecasters are calling for the highest temperature to occur on Wednesday at the lowest point in North America: Death Valley.

The forecast high temperature in Death Valley, California, on Wednesday is 126 degrees, with an AccuWeather RealFeelĀ® Temperature of 129. Death Valley is the record-holder for the highest air temperature ever recorded on Earth, a sizzling 134 degrees Fahrenheit in 1913. A high temperature of 126 degrees would be within 10 degrees of that world record.

Death Valley is certainly living up to its name as AccuWeather forecasters are cautioning that “most outdoor activity is potentially life-threatening” in such extreme heat. AccuWeather National Reporter Bill Wadell is headed to Death Valley and will be reporting from there on the network later on Wednesday.

But Death Valley is hardly the only location experiencing searing heat, and many others have stamped new marks in the weather history books, and some more records could still fall, according to AccuWeather meteorologists.

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