Putin on the other hand calls him dictator applesauce brain.

Via Yahoo:

President Biden agrees with Russian President Vladimir Putin on at least one thing: Relations between their two nations are currently at a very low ebb.

Both said as much in interviews leading up to Wednesday’s meeting in Geneva, which comes amid tensions over myriad issues, including a spate of cyberattacks emanating from within Russia; Putin’s military adventurism along his country’s border with Ukraine; and his imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who survived poisoning with a Russian nerve agent.

Biden arrives at the summit fresh from enthusiastic meetings with allies welcoming the return of the United States to conventional multilateral diplomacy. He aims to use that support to present a united front to challenge Putin. At the same time, he acknowledged the difficulty in reversing Putin’s policies, which seem impervious to a litany of U.S. economic sanctions and the expulsions of diplomats.

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