Via Williamette Week:

After five days of total media silence, right-wing author Andy Ngo confirmed he was the man who some of Portland’s leftist marchers chased and beat until he took shelter in The Nines hotel May 28.

In a thread on Twitter and a statement released to WW, Ngo gave his account of the assault, which occurred when demonstrators recognized him in disguise at a rally on the one-year anniversary of this city’s George Floyd protest.

“I was chased, attacked and beaten by a masked mob, baying for my blood,” Ngo wrote. “Had I not been able to shelter wounded and bleeding inside a hotel while they beat the doors and windows like animals, there is no doubt in my mind I would not be here today.”

Ngo’s account lines up with much of what WW reported that night. Though Ngo’s identity was unconfirmed, approximately 10 people split off from the larger protest to follow Ngo and question him about his identity. They chased Ngo for blocks before tackling him and punching him several times after his head hit the brick sidewalk of Southwest Morrison Street.

After Ngo broke free from the people hitting him, he fled to the high-end hotel near Pioneer Courthouse Square, where his pursuers tried to wrest open the front doors and called for him to meet them outside. An image on his social media thread tonight shows bruises, cuts and a bloodied eye. He says he went to the hospital shortly after the attack.

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