Via NY Post:

The constant protest is taking its toll on the Rose City.

Residents in the metro area surrounding Portland, Oregon, say the city’s downtown is dirty, unsafe and uninviting, and they don’t expect to visit as often, a poll commissioned by The Oregonian found.

Residents described the city’s core as “destroyed,” “trashed,” and “sad,” and frequently referred to “riots” in discussing the city’s economic and cultural hub.

The perception could have a serious impact on the city’s recovery from the pandemic recession.

In the poll, 85 percent said downtown was important, or very important, to the city’s economy. More than 100,000 people worked there prior to the pandemic, about 1 in every 20 jobs in the state.

While 63 percent of respondents said they see downtown as less safe, 86 percent said they feel safe in their own neighborhoods. The main issues they cited were cleanliness and crime.

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