Another stunning victory for the Mullahs’ Islamic morality police.

TehranThe Iranian government said Wednesday it would move to stop business in sex dolls and pursue importers amid revelations that a number of sex dolls had been smuggled into the country.

Deputy Health Minister Ebrahim Motavelian told Fars news agency that after his ministry was informed about the smuggling of sex dolls, it had launched investigations about the main source of the import and distribution of the dolls.

The Health Ministry is entitled to import mannequins and even dolls but only as medical devices and solely for scientific purposes and with explicit permission of the customs authorities.

Motavelian denied rumours that the sex dolls were imported via companies affiliated to the Health Ministry. He said that the dolls were imported illegally into the country.

He said that although such dolls are sold freely in Western countries, ‘the dignity of Iran will not allow import and distribution of such articles,’ and therefore the government would soon legally deal with those behind the sex dolls’ imports.