Via LA Daily News:

A man seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at the front doors of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga station in Canoga Park early Sunday, which caused a fiery explosion, was arrested after officers inside chased him down, police said.

Officials said Jonathon Rosin, a 24-year-old from Los Angeles, was seen fleeing the station right after the fireball ignited. He was taken into custody and booked in the Van Nuys jail on $501,000 bail.

Police said the firebombing occurred at about 1 a.m. Sunday. A spot near the front entrance to the station was left singed by the attack.

Security camera footage from the station shows a man dressed in black approaching the station doors, then hurling a small object at them. The object bursts into flames as it strikes a window, and the man briefly disappears as he’s nearly engulfed himself. But then he is seen running away.

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