Via FreeBeacon:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.) spoke Wednesday on the dangers of ‘dark money’ groups funding Congress, at an event funded by the Center For American Progress and the American Constitution Society—both of which have received funding from dark money organizations.

During his talk, titled, “The Supreme Corp: How Corporate and Right-Wing Interests Captured The U.S. Supreme Court,” Whitehouse accused right-wing institutions of securing favorable court decisions by propping up potential appointees to District Courts and the Supreme Court with dark money.

“Big Republican donor interests are at work all around the court, and much of their work is hidden from the public. We must shed light here,” he said. “The big influencers are hiding behind dark money channels and a lot of transparency is needed.”

CAP recently published a review by Whitehouse outlining 73 Supreme Court decisions in which the Rhode Island senator makes the case that the court unfairly decided in favor of Republican interests.

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