Cutting nicotine will do nothing. People will just smoke more to get their fix. Trust me as someone who smoked for 20 years. It’ll have the opposite effect.

Via NY Post:

The Biden administration is weighing requiring tobacco companies to lower the level of nicotine in cigarettes so they are no longer addictive, according to a report.​

The issue is being considered as administration officials approach an end-of-the-month deadline whether it will ban menthol cigarettes, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. ​​

The Food and Drug Administration must respond by April 29 to a petition to ban menthol cigarettes​ by disclosing whether it is pursuing such a policy. ​

The administration is weighing three options – banning menthol, reducing nicotine levels ​or both, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.

Reducing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to low addictive levels would conceivably allow millions of smokers to either quit or switch to less harmful alternatives, like nicotine gums, lozenges or e cigarettes, the report said.

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