Via NY Post:

The campaign manager for an Upper West Side candidate for the City Council is in hot water for saying the neighborhood is too white — and Jewish.

Quinn Mootz, who is running Sara Lind’s council bid, is catching flak for her April 13 comments on Twitter, which have since been deleted — but not before critics took screen grabs.

“Jews are not POC [People of Color] for just being jewish. sorry,” Mootz tweeted, using the handle “Quinn Mootz says Hot Girls Hate The Filibuster.”

Mootz also tweeted, “As of 2018: 10.8% of the population is Asian, 4.1% black, 14.1% hispanic, and 68.4% white. So yeah ima go ahead and say the UWS has a diversity problem.”

“Of your 191,000 residents…. 130,795 are white,” she said.

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