TBH, can’t do much worse…

Via TPM:

A source familiar with the matter spoke with Fox News, saying the Parscale is helping Jenner connect to “the best talent in the country” as Jenner considers the options.

“She is very, very, very serious,” the source said in regards to Jenner’s potential Governor campaign.
Parscale has helped only one other person with a campaign, the previous being former President Donald Trump.

A two decade veteran of the tech industry, Parscale joined the Trump campaign team in 2016. After the success of 2016, Parscale was made campaign manager for Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Parscale was removed as 2020 campaign manager after a series of campaign events drew a much smaller crowd than planned and shrinking polling number were revealed.

Parscale has been working on developing a project called Campaign Nucleus, a platform Fox News says was created to “protect” conservatives against “cancel culture.”

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