Via The Sun:

Pictures show people packed together in the sun, maskless and partying.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told WSVN he thinks “we’re expecting a larger than typical spring break.”

Experts have warned against people traveling to Florida or other places as states work desperately to roll out vaccines and get as many people as possible the protection against the virus.

“We understand there’s a lot of angst to get out and enjoy our beautiful weather and our beautiful beach, but we’re just asking for cooperation from our college students that do decide to come to Fort Lauderdale,” Frank Sousa, the area’s Police Assistant Interim Chief told WSVN.

Raul Aguila, Miami Beach’s city manager, said during a city council meeting that people heading to Florida “with an anything-goes party attitude” should “change your flight reservation now and go to Vegas,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

Some Florida beaches are shutting down early, with curfews meant to help dampen possible virus spread.

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