No biggie. She said she believed the women who accused Biden* and she still ran with him right?

Via NY Post:

Vice President Kamala Harris will not condemn Andrew Cuomo amid his sexual harassment scandal until an investigation into the claims are complete — despite urging former Sen. Al Franken to resign amid similar accusations — the White House said Friday.

Speaking at the daily White House media briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Harris supports the investigation into the claims by New York Attorney General Tish James, despite her not speaking out against Cuomo’s alleged actions.

“I think the vice president’s view is she believes a woman should be treated with respect. Their voices should be heard. They should tell their story,” Psaki said.

She was responding to a question by Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher, who highlighted the fact that Harris said, “sexual harassment should not be allowed by anyone and should not occur anywhere” when Franken faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

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