Via NPR:

More California students may return to in-person learning after legislators promised $2 billion to public schools that return to campus before the end of the month.

Most of California’s 6.1 million students and 319,000 teachers haven’t set foot in a classroom since the pandemic shut down schools across the state last March. But Gov. Gavin Newsom worked with Senate and Assembly leaders to announce a $6.6 billion aid package Monday.

The majority of those funds come with no strings attached, but $2 billion is dedicated to personal protective equipment, ventilation upgrades and other safety measures required to support in-person instruction, a news release said.

Public schools will be required to offer in-person learning to all kindergarten through second grade students, as well as high-needs students in all grades, by the end of the month. Those that don’t meet that standard will lose 1% of eligible funds every day they are not in compliance. The other $4.6 billion will fund learning opportunities such as summer school, tutoring and mental health services to help close learning gaps.

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