White devil!

Via Newsbusters:

Get used to it. Any hiring of a white guy to serve as head coach of an NBA team is going to be met with derision and cries of white privilege by race-baiting media and players. It happened a few months ago when Steve Nash was hired to coach Brooklyn, and it’s happening again this week after Minnesota hired Chris Finch, who is white.

Dan Feldman of NBC Sports wrote that Minnesota’s associate head coach (and SJW) David Vanterpool (appearing in above photo) would’ve been the natural fit for the job, and added:

“It has not been lost on people that Finch is white and Vanterpool is Black.”

There are “legitimate questions about” Minnesota’s hiring process, Feldman continued. “But when people place outsized emphasis on hiring someone they’re comfortable with, that tends to favor the type of candidates who are already entrenched. It’s antithetical to diversity. The demographics of NBA coaches indicate a problem. Black coaches don’t get the same opportunities as white coaches.” The playing court is also “antithetical to diversity” with 74 percent of the players being African American.

The co-host of ESPN Hoop Streams, Kendrick Perkins, tweeted his anger over the hiring of the white coach, and LeBron James responded “1,000%!!!” support.

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