Via Showbiz 411:

Jane Fonda will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award from the Golden Globes on February 28th. The two time Oscar winner will be honored for her acting, activism, and philanthropy.

I’m so pleased for Jane, whom I’ve known since 1982. She is an American hero who has always stood up for what she believes in, whether or not it was popular. She’s also endured severe criticism in many cases, and never backed down.

Bravo, Jane!

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association takes great pride in bestowing the 2021 Cecil B. DeMille Award to Jane Fonda,” said HFPA President Ali Sar. “For more than five decades, Jane’s breadth of work has been anchored in her unrelenting activism, using her platform to address some of the most important social issues of our time. Her undeniable talent has gained her the highest level of recognition, and while her professional life has taken many turns, her unwavering commitment to evoking change has remained. We are honored to celebrate her achievements at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards.”

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