Via Free Beacon:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday grappled with an audacious climate-change lawsuit from the city of Baltimore, which seeks millions of dollars for damage allegedly caused by energy providers.

The city is suing ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, BP, and 20 other energy companies, citing strains on the city’s electric grid and the growing risk of extreme floods in low-lying neighborhoods and its popular inner harbor. Baltimore’s case is one of two dozen brought by states, counties, and cities that make similar claims.

But pro-industry groups counter that the lawsuits are part of an orchestrated campaign to strong-arm a leftwing climate agenda through friendly forums. The goal, they say, is to extract settlement payouts to bankroll municipal projects or coax energy producers into supporting new regulations by unwelcome disclosures before trial.

“Success for this national litigation campaign is not about proving legal or factual allegations, but trying to leverage their ability to file and sustain lawsuits in state courts for national, extrajudicial purposes,” a brief supporting the defendants reads, citing Washington Free Beacon reporting.

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