Pardon my French, but f*ck these people. I’ll never buy another damn thing at Walmart.

Via The Post Millennial:

After Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) released a statement saying that he would oppose the vote to certify the electoral college vote to put Joe Biden into office on Jan. 6, Walmart tweeted out a reply calling him a “sore loser.”

Walmart told Sen. Hawley “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate. #soreloser.” Then they deleted the tweet.

Walmart, a corporation that has made bundles of profits during the pandemic this year, primarily sells goods that are manufactured in China.

Hawley replied to Walmart, saying “Thanks [email protected]? for your insulting condescension. Now that you’ve insulted 75 million Americans, will you at least apologize for using slave labor?”

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