Via DailyWire:

While the Minneapolis City Council is making another effort to defund the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), carjackings have skyrocketed in the city, with some of them involving drivers accosted at gunpoint.

According to the Star-Tribune, in the last two months, Minneapolis police have recorded over 125 carjackings. The Star-Tribune reported that there have been a “series of brazen attempted armed robberies and carjackings in a wave that is stretching across the city. Minneapolis residents are grappling with a triple-digit percentage increase in these crimes, and incidents occurring at all hours, including broad daylight.”

Carjackings were so rare that they weren’t even tracked as a separate issue by the MPD until September 22; prior to that they were lumped together with robberies and auto theft. But after the carjackings grew in number over the summer the MPD implemented a new coding system.

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