Via Newsbusters:

Social justice firebrand Megan Rapinoe wasn’t even on the U.S. national women’s soccer team’s active roster, but the squad was more radical than ever before Friday’s 2-0 friendly match win over The Netherlands. Most team members knelt for the national anthem and they spread the Black Lives Matter “gospel” while insisting their activism was not political.

The game itself was definitely a sidelight to the excess activism, chronicled by Deadspin writers Jesse Spector and Rich O’Malley.

All U.S. starters other than Julie Ertz and Kelley O’Hara — nine of 11 in all — took a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Every member of the team wore a Black Lives Matter warm-up jacket rather than display “USA.” And that wasn’t enough of an international embarrassment.

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