Via NY Post:

Metal-and-concrete shields that are supposed to protect the Kosciuszko Bridge from terrorists are being held together by nylon straps — following claims that the job was botched by an allegedly crooked contractor, The Post has learned.

Photos shot by The Post show that the shields surrounding all 56 cables on the Queens-bound side of the bridge appear to have been reinforced by black strapping, as well as bands of discoloration around the shields where other straps were apparently replaced.

A federal suit filed earlier this year alleged the anti-terror armor was plagued by “aggressive corrosion” and “severe delamination and separation of the parts” that posed “a severe and imminent threat to public safety, the implications of which cannot be overstated.”

The Post counted a total of 339 black ratchet straps cinched around the two-part shields, some of which had lengthwise gaps between the pieces that were nearly two inches wide.

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