Via Dailywire:

A woman who worked at a Starbucks in New Jersey has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, claiming she was fired for refusing to wear an LGBTQ Pride t-shirt.

Betsy Fresse, who is a Christian from Newark, New Jersey, worked as a barista in Hoboken in 2018, and states in her lawsuit that the managers knew of her religious beliefs, as she requested Sundays and certain evenings off to attend church gatherings, as NBC News reported.

Later, Fresse transferred to a Starbucks in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. She claims that in June 2019, the store manager conducted a meeting with staffers in his office, and a box of Starbucks Pride T-shirts lay by his desk. She says that being the last one to leave, she asked the manager if wearing the T-shirts was required, and the manager said it was not.

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